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    About JET PAC

    One Solution for all your digital applications

    JETPAC is a web solutions hosting environment which is capable of delivering ALL you digital Applications.


    Designed and developed by JET-IT a NZ company JETPAC has been used to deliver digital solutions to a range of small to medium businesses for over 5 years, we have built up the knowledge and experience to deliver some sophisticated solutions in the real world.

    Over many years the directors of JET have been responsible for the development and implementation of large-scale corporate systems. These skills and experience we now bring to the smaller business.

    We understand that your business is looking to technology to give you an edge in the marketplace. Whether it be through better service, additional products or reduced costs. We can help you rationalise the issues, advise on strategy and recommend solutions.

    With access to some of the best e-commerce solutions, we work with our brand partners to create for you an online solution that will provide that marketing profile, that business efficiency and that winning edge.

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    Leading the Web Management solutions for CMS

    CK5 is a Content Management system in the most generic definition. With CK5 you can create Content and publish it to the world through the web site, marketing emails or social media.

    Publishing to the web-site CK5 delivers clean HTML code from the server using a rules based system. This means that there are no constraints in the design, there are no constraints on the size/quality of the clietn device and its fast.

    CK5 delivers web pages optimised for SEO and comes with an extensive range of standard features.

    In addition CK5 provides a email management system which delivers personalised and mobile friendly emails with dynamic content. 



    • Web Development Mode.   
      As a developer, you have the ability to construct web pages and define how each are of the page is to be displayed.
    • Content Management Tool.
      CK5 using ckeditor the user can create content with a simple WYSIWYG interface.
    • Email Management. 
      CK5 provides a simple to use integrated Email Management tool. Using the content already in the database, you can create emails and send to your email listed users.
    • User Management. 
    • Blogging and Forums.
      CK5 allows you to flag content as allowing comment. When flagged the system provides options to read comments and to add/ reply as required. Included here are options for moderation.
    • Product Catalogue.
      CK5 has a sophisticated system of Categorisation of content. The Product Catalogue is a specific application of this.   
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  • Product_JS5

    JS5 - a CRM Solution to Manage your Business

    Small Business CRM Solution

    JS5 is a fully integrated Business Solution Database.

    At the heart of JS5 is a Customer Management System(CRM) but the database is designed to provide whatever additional functionality you require.

    In principal the JS5 database is disgned to describe your buisness

    • Your company
    • Your Products/ services
    • Your Assets
    • Your Clients and Contracts
    • Your Suppliers


    And then record all your business transaction

    • Quotes,
    • Orders
    • Invoices
    • Deliveries
    • Dispatches


    JetStream is a fully hosted, web-based business solution tailored to meet the requirements of YOUR business. With JetStream You, your employees, clients, suppliers and agents can all interact with your system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere.

    JetStream is currently used by businesses in the Hospitality, Finance, Services, Retail and and Manufacturing industries

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  • Product - QS5

    Information Gathering Solution


    Qsmart is an online information gathering solution. Primarily designed as an on-line survey product but once you investigate the system in depth, you will find an enormous range of applications.

    With its own easy to use management system, you can create a survey with logic and structure which the user will find engaging to complete.

    Whenever a survey is taken, the data is stored in the database so that it can be used in a range of different ways. This means that you can review customer surveys, extract collected infomation for processing, or undertake on-line statisitcal analysis with our on-line analysis tool allowing you to drill into the data with filters.

    The uses for QS5 include Customer Satisfaction Survey, Website Enquiry, Competitions, Employee Reviews.


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