Our Partners

At JETPAC we understand that we have some really talented people, but no-one can be an expert in every field. So we have designed the JETPAC platform to allow a truely collaborative approach to projects.

To Become a Listed Professional.

JETPAC Professionals are a group of specialists who are familiar with the JETPAC environment.

All JETPAC Professionals go through a basic accreditation process to ensure that can add value to the group. Once accepted a JETPAC Professional can promote themselves through this portal and have access to manage their own profile.

JETPAC Professionals will be able to host websites on our servers and engage other JETPAC Professional to help with the construction and deployment of a clients system.

To become a JETPAC Professional please apply here


To Engage a JETPAC Professional

The Professionals listed here are familiar with the JETPAC solution. So if you need assistance use the profile information to find a professional and contact them to agree terms.

Then set them up as a User in your CK5 control panel and assign them the access they require.

When they login next, they will see your system as a choice in their System Selector page so that they can undertake the work required.

When the project is ended, simply terminate their login, and their access will dissappear.