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Digital Business solutions come in many shapes and sizes; some are hosted in the cloud some require you to run on your own servers. Some like SAP have been around for ages and others like SalesForce are more recent entries. The common issues with these are that they are expensive to buy and/or implement and have a lot of features you don't want or don't really fit into your business in the way you want them to. Add to this that, if you want to offer a client portal, that's all additional time and effort for you.

A further obstacle is that many want you to decide up front what your business and new solution is going to look like at the end, maybe 2 years time, and that's a big decision for many.

At JET we have re-thought this process and have come up with a new business solutions model which allows you to make the transition to a digital environment as easy as possible to manage. One that allows you to grow into the new environment at your own pace, paying for each step along the way as you go and potentially repositioning your business on the way.

As you may be aware we have been delivering digital business solutions to a number of businesses in a range of industries for several years. Each of these systems is made up of a number of features which are specific to that client. Underneath each feature there is a natural base version which can be applied to many other businesses. We have isolated these base features and have created a library of base system features for you to choose from.

The new business solutions model is based on a core CRM system; everything must start with the Client. This system records all your client information including business units, people and locations) and tracks Sales Opportunities. Against these clients and opportunities you can upload all your associated documents (contracts, proposals, meeting minutes and emails etc.). All your client information securly stored in the cloud for you to access from anywhere. This provides you with your core system.

Think of this as a restaurant; You book your table and we set up the table with enough places for your initial group and provide you with a starter course.

After that the process is in your hands, there is an extensive list of features, we will talk you through the menu to help you understand what each item on the menu offers and how your CRM solution can be built to fit your business.

The important point is that your costs are known upfront. All features are priced at $1500 for deployment costs. This covers the cost of understanding your requirements, configuring the database and implementing that feature into your environment.

You choose from the menu which components you want and decide when you want to have them delivered. If you want a particular variety of feature (changing names, layout or even specific functionality) you let us know and we will create a version specifically for you.

There is a base hosting cost ($50 per month) and on top there is a monthly user license cost based on the number and types of users you want to allow access.

The features that we have ready to implement include:

•    Invoice Management

•    Invoice printing



•    Product Management

•    Product Orders

•    E-commerce. (Assuming we host your web site).

•    Discount Management

•    Voucher Management

•    Stock Management

•    Stock Dispatch

•    Job Management

•    Process Management (Applications and approval processes)

•    Asset Management

•    Asset Maintenance

•    Work Scheduling

•    Supplier Management

•    Resource Management

•    Resource Booking

•    Supplier Orders

•    Supplier Invoicing

•    Stock Order Request

•    Stock Orders

•    Stock Receipt

•    Manufacture Bill of Material(BOM)

•    Parts Pricing

•    Manufacture Order

•    Manufacture Order Request

•    Manufacture Order – Initiate

•    Manufacture Order – Complete

•    Monthly Billings

•    Debtors Management

•    Creditors Management

•    Employees

•    Employee Training / compliance

There are already some variations on these modules and new features and variations will become available over time.

To start the process, please complete the enquiry form at the foot of this page.

Cloud Solutions

  • JET_Icons_CK5_Web_ProductCatalogue.png

    Product Catalogue

    Perfect if you need to display your products online, without e-commerce

  • JET_Icons_CK5_Web_ProductCatalogue.png

    Product Catalogue

    Perfect if you need to display your products online, without e-commerce

  • JET_Icons_CK5_Ecommerce_Subscription.png


    Make managing memberships easy - build profiles, create membership lists, easily manage renewals, and communicate with the integrated email management system

  • JET_Icons_JS5_EventManage.png

    Event Management

    Collect client details and special requests for any event, streamlining operations and delivery.

  • JET_Icons_JS5_Dispatch.png


    With real-time updating and constant minimum level monitoring, you can take control of your stock - managing minimum stock costs while having what you need when you need it.

  • Google Ads

    CK5 - Google Advertising

  • JET_Icons_CK5_Ecommerce_Service.png

    Service Scheduling

    Integrated service scheduling allows your clients to easily schedule a service technician online at a time that works for them - without overloading your phone lines

  • JET_Icons_JS5_ProductStock.png

    Product & Stock Management

    Never lose stock again - improve visibility across all areas to manage product availability.

  • Customer Feedback

    Gaining customer feedback is critical to understanding what your business is doing well and where it could improve, QS5 makes this easy.

  • JET_Icons_JS5_HR.png

    HR (Health/Safety Compliance)

    Keeping records of monthly, quarterly or annual staff and safety reviews simplifies compliance.

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