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JETPAC - Event Management

Events come in many forms and everyone's Event will be different.

With JETPAC, we can create an environment which works for your event,  whether it is a Sports event, conference or overseas trip.

For most events there are some basic requirements, registration of interest, enrolment, invoicing, but if your event requires special registration details ( passports, visa, credentials), or if some material which you want to provide to the participants is confidential, JETPAC offers specific functions.  

Event Management is a multi-layered business which requires a sophisticated business solution to provide the ideal solution.  The JETPAC Event Management solution provides a wide range of apps which bring a number of different processes together to deliver an integrated solution.


The basic features cover these components

•    Web Site and Content Management Solution to market the Event.
         Using our CK5 CMS you can promote your event to the web, providing the public interface.

•    Interest and Registration process to build up a registered users list.
         CK5 comes with an easy two step user registration process to generate mailling/direct marketing lists

•    Email Marketing to push the marketing message to your registered users.
        CK5 comes with its own Email Management system allowing you to send emails to your registered users using the marketing content already written without the need to import user lists etc.

•    E-commerce to ‘sell registrations'
         JETPAC's e-commerce solution allows us to create payment gateway for the purchase of tickets with a back-end CRM to record the purchasers and financial transactions. If ticket numbers are limited, stock management feature can also be implemented easily.

•    CRM solution to manage the financials
        The CRM allows us to record the people and companies who have made purchases. It records the financial transactions as well as all selling activities.

       Along side this Customer data we have all the financial information allowing us to prepare financial, sales and operational reports.

       To complete the financial journey we have API's for Xero and MYOB.

- Event Management.
      A special app has been created to deal with the operational side of the Event. This allows us to record details of ticketing addresses and flag the orders where the tickets that have been sent. It also allows you to record conversations with the purchasers who make special requests

-  Event Information Documentation. 
        Through the CK5, you can create member only documentation. Typically this means that alongside the description of the event you can add documents such as 'Getting There', 'Agenda', 'Menu', 'Feedback Forms', and the ability to make special requests ( dietary / access ) etc.

•    Participant details ( simple) . This allows ‘Party Leaders' to identify the names and email addresses of their party.

•    Participant details (complex ). The option exists to gather a range of details about the participants required for you to process the registration.

•    Personalised Event information portal. Access by the individual participants, this provides details of the event and associated documents that you have created.

•    Post Event survey to collect the feedback from the participants at the event.

The JETPAC solution is delivered as a fully integrated SAAS solution,  tailored to your specific requirements.


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