JetPac - Cloud Solutions for Small Businesses

As a Single Supplier JETPAC solution delivers more than just one bill

By using JETPAC, you will see a significant number of benefits just because we become your primary solutions provider.

With a "Silo System" solution, you will encounter a number of  costs and issues which you don't have with JETPAC.

The administration of Licences is always a major issue, with differenct anniversary dates, complex fee structures based on Users, Function, Disc Space and Activity, just deciding which level and how many of each you need is a constant headache.

Then there's the "problem solving" issue; when you have an issue determining where the root of the problem is might need contacting multiple suppliers for help. Solving the issue, especially if the issue is in a standard package product might require some new 'fudge' to resolve. 

These are the obvious problem areas.

Another area where you get issues with multiple systems is that it takes much longer to train a new employee because the interface for each will be different and because you are often squeezing your business into a rigid solution there will be the 'special' things to remember.


With JETPAC none of this is an issue.  

We know and understand your business and how you use it, so it is easy for us to agree a monthly fee with you and unless you change your business or the way you use the system, we will maintain that fee for extended periods of time.

Obviously, there is only one help desk and one system to fix so we take control of all issues.

Finally, we have designed the systems with a common approach and technology so the look and feel to the end user is very familliar across the entire platform.

Training of users is very straight forward and as the system have been designed to operate in the way you want your business to work, new employees are naturally encouraged to process their work in line with your expectations.


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Cloud Solutions

  • Google Ads

    CK5 - Google Advertising

  • JET_Icons_QS5_EmployeeReviews.png

    Employee Reviews

  • JET_Icons_CK5_Ecommerce_Service.png

    Service Scheduling

    Integrated service scheduling allows your clients to easily schedule a service technician online at a time that works for them - without overloading your phone lines

  • JET_Icons_JS5_Opperations.png


    JS5 provides you with a set of functions to take you from orders and payments to the delivery of products or provision of services, with operational reporting tailored to your business.

  • JET_Icons_JS5_EventManage.png

    Event Management

    Event Management is a complex multi-level business with many components including Web Site promotion, e-commerce ticketing and registration, Guest Management and ticketing and on-the-day information.

    Check out what we have produced for ALL Blacks Hospitality

  • JET_Icons_JS5_EventManage.png

    Event Management

    Collect client details and special requests for any event, streamlining operations and delivery.

  • JET_Icons_CK5_Ecommerce_Product.png

    Product Sales

    Create an integrated product-based e-commerce platform, making it easy to display your product, process sales, manage stock and sell online 24 hours a day

  • JET_Icons_JS5_SalesClientMarketing.png

    Sales & Client Management

    Capture sale and client details, along with all communications, to maximise your sales funnels

  • JET_Icons_CK5_Web_Promo.png

    Promotional WebSite

    A simple style of website to advertise your product, event or giveaway

  • JET_Icons_QS5_Competitions.png


    Keep records of employees and contractors, including completed training and certifications, manage assets used by employees and record follow-up appointments.

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