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JETPAC a totally secure environment

In today's digital landscape, security is paramount for businesses to instill confidence in their solutions. A robust security framework must address multiple levels of protection, ensuring that unauthorized access is prevented, software remains uncompromised, and user access is controlled. JETPAC understands the significance of security and has implemented comprehensive strategies to safeguard your business solution.

Securing Server Access:

One of the fundamental aspects of security is ensuring that servers remain inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. JETPAC takes this responsibility seriously by implementing strict controls on server access. Only a select few systems administrators are issued unique security keys, ensuring that access is limited to authorized personnel. This Level 1 security measure provides a solid foundation for protecting your entire business.

Firewall Protection for Web Servers:

JETPAC further enhances security by placing its web servers behind a firewall. This configuration ensures that only web users are allowed through, adding an additional layer of protection against potential threats. By segregating web traffic from the server infrastructure, JETPAC significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Ultra-Secure Database Management:

JETPAC employs an ultra-secure system where databases are located behind a separate firewall. This strategic arrangement ensures that only the database can communicate through the firewall, preventing any potential navigation from the web server to the database server. By implementing this stringent measure, JETPAC effectively isolates the most critical components of your business solution from external threats.

Secure Handling of Operational Data:

JETPAC adopts a meticulous approach to handling operational data. Meaningful information is never passed via the URL in an exposed manner. Instead, operational data is securely transmitted as parameters and codes, often encrypted. This eliminates vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, a common method employed by attackers to extract data from databases through websites. By implementing robust data handling protocols, JETPAC ensures the integrity and confidentiality of your valuable information.

User Access Control:

JETPAC understands the importance of controlling user access to functions and data. The platform incorporates a user management system that allows businesses to define security groups and manage user permissions effectively. Before accessing any web page, JETPAC verifies if it is a secure page, associated with a specific security group. This approach ensures that only authorized users can access sensitive information, providing an additional layer of protection.

JETPAC has been providing secure hosting solutions for businesses of all sizes for several years. With a wealth of experience in the field, JETPAC has continually delivered robust security measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its clients' data. The platform's dedication to security has resulted in the identification and prevention of numerous attempted attacks, reinforcing the trust businesses place in JETPAC's security infrastructure.

Security is an essential aspect of any business solution. By partnering with JETPAC, businesses can rest assured that their systems are protected by a comprehensive security framework. With measures in place to secure server access, isolate databases, handle operational data securely, and control user access, JETPAC offers businesses the peace of mind they need to confidently operate in the digital realm. Choose JETPAC for your business solution and experience the highest level of security available.

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Cloud Solutions

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    Sales & Client Management

    Capture sale and client details, along with all communications, to maximise your sales funnels

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    Promotional WebSite

    A simple style of website to advertise your product, event or giveaway

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    Keep records of employees and contractors, including completed training and certifications, manage assets used by employees and record follow-up appointments.

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