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  • Your truly integrated business solution

    JETPAC is an integrated, cloud-hosted solution that meets all the digital needs of modern business. 

    Now more than ever, successful businesses are those that can deliver an efficient, user-friendly online experience. Whether the user is your customer, employee, supplier or agent, you need solutions that are functional, secure and easy to use. 

    JETPAC is secure

    JETPAC uses state-of-the-art security to ensure the protection of your data. Parameters can be set up so users can only access the components of the database needed for the task at hand.

    JETPAC is flexible

    Working with you we will establish the business objectives and system requirements and build a solution unique to you and your business. 

    Using the functionality of CK5, a CMS to create and publish content to your website and email marketing, JS5, a fully integrated CRM, and the QS5 online survey solution JETPAC has everything your business needs to be successful both online and off. 

    JETPAC is easy

    As a business owner you are spoilt for choice with different digital solutions - each one requiring a subscription, training, a login and password, extra steps to get them to work together and often offshore support. With JETPAC, all your digital solutions are in one place, set up just how you need it for your business, with local technical support that knows you and your business.

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    A world leading CMS

    With the CK5 Content Management System (CMS) you can easily create content and publish it to the world through your website, marketing emails, and social media.

    The easy-to-use interface means you and your team can easily create high-quality, SEO-rich content - without needing advanced technical skill or training. CK5 gives access to extensive smart features, allowing you to create sophisticated websites with ease.

    CK5 delivers clean HTML code using a rules-based system. What this means for you is there are no constraints in the design, the user experience is consistent regardless of the size or quality of their device, and your website is fast.

    Web pages are optimised for SEO, and come with an extensive range of standard features. CK5 includes a User Management System to capture your users and an integrated email management system delivering personalised and mobile-friendly emails. A fully integrated e-commerce solution can be created with JETPAC's JS5 CRM.

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  • Product_JS5

    JS5 - a CRM Solution to Manage your Business

    A Complete CRM Solution

    High powered, flexible and well designed, the JS5 Customer Relationship System (CRM) is a fully integrated business solution database, easily adapted for your business.

    The database is tailored to meet the requirements of your business, managing your products and services and accounting policies. Designed for international use, with configurable tax structures and tax rates, it works wherever you do business.

    JS5 easily captures client information through JETPAC's e-commerce sales portal or from internal users through the CRM, along with transaction details. Fully customisable, your solution can include pricing, client-based discounts, discount vouchers, stock management, resource booking and more.

    Used in the hospitality, finance, services, retail and manufacturing industries, JS5 is a fully hosted, web-based business solution. This means you, your employees, clients, suppliers and agents can use your system from anywhere - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Using CK5 alongside JS5 allows you to manage your web presence, promote your business and deliver a fully integrated e-commerce solution.

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  • Product - QS5

    Information Gathering Solution


    A dynamic online information gathering solution, QS5 can take you from simple online surveys to in depth data analysis. 

    The management system is designed to be easy to use, and to guide you in creating engaging surveys with a logic and structure that help you draw out valuable insights. 

    Data from surveys is stored in a database where it can be used in a multitude of ways, allowing you to review customer feedback, extract the information for processing, or use JETPAC's analysis tool to drill into the data for in depth statistical analysis.

    QS5 can be used for everything from customer satisfaction surveys to website enquiries, competitions, employee reviews and more. Using QS5 alongside CK5 and JS5 takes this solution to another level. 

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