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Finance is large and complex area of business and whether you are a Finance Company, a Broker or a company thats undertakes large complex projects or major asset purchases, understanding the true financial costs requires a sophisitcated solution.

The JS5 database was originally designed for an Asset Management and Leasing business. The key driver for the development was to systemise the preparation of quotes so that operators with little understanding of complex finance calculation could create accurate quotes based on the Clients requirements. 

At the core of the system is the database of products and associated services. The system uses these definition parameters to put together a discounted cashflow structure for the calculation. By taking this approach, the system is able to agregate any number of  costs and revenue streams into a single calculation. The user can then test different scenarios and alternatives.

In the Finance Company model, this means that the client is free to request any payment pattern and the system would present a valid answer for every scenario.

In the Brokering situation, the same system can be used to calculate brokerage margins with different funding options. 

Once the deal has been settled, JETPAC provides monthly billings and collections options with options to combine charges from different deals into a single monthly invoice. In the vehicle leasing environment, the system can be configured to amalgamate 'Recharge Expenses' on to the Monthly Charges Invoices or to raise separate Invoices.  The Arrears Management system provides support for debt collection processing.

This system has been used by some large Leasing companies in New Zealand, Australia and the UK with fleets of more than 20,000 cars.

In the Asset Maintenance area, the system was able to process invoices from external suppliers, understanding the type of expense and processing that expense based again on the products included under the contract for that asset. This means that the operator does not have to make decisions to recharge the client or not, the system makes the correct decision and the accounting process follows the system rules. The system allows each client to be configured to process these recharge expenses as required by the client. The charges can raise individual invoices for each recharge process or amalgamate all recharge expsenses onto a single invoice for the month or to add these recharge invoices to the clients monthly charges invoice.

Documentation is very important in the Finance Brokering industry, JetStream has a document archive system which allows the user to upload all documentation associated to an application or contract.


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