The key to building an effective web site is to provide content that relates to, and engages the reader. The issue we all have,  is we all have a different view as to what content the reader will be interested in. To help you understand your readers and what they are reading, CK5 offers you two tools: The Reading Stats Analysis and a Search Engine.


The Reading Stats Analysis lists the articles which have been published and provices statistics of how many time each has been selected to be read.













The Search Engine system in CK5 not only provides a mechanism which allow your readers to search your articles, products, blogs, but also records for the administrator details of what search terms have been used and which articles were offered.

Not only does this provide the reader with a tool to access the information they want but it also provides you with a tool to understand what people are looking for. Using this information, you might alter your product descriptions, or adjust your focus in your blog to address any unmet need.


CK5 allows the designer to construct separate search tools for different environments. This means we can offer a search tool for your product catalogue, looking only at the current catalogue items and displaying as a product listing, and a separate search on your news / blog pages. In this case you might want to search the archives for articles and display the results as anarticle list.




  • Employee Reviews

  • Competitions

    Keep records of employees and contractors, including completed training and certifications, manage assets used by employees and record follow-up appointments.

  • Service Scheduling

    Integrated service scheduling allows your clients to easily schedule a service technician online at a time that works for them - without overloading your phone lines

  • Operations

    JS5 provides you with a set of functions to take you from orders and payments to the delivery of products or provision of services, with operational reporting tailored to your business.

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