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JS5 - Client Relationship Management System

The essence of a CRM is to be a respository for all the information about your Clients and Prospects.

So the question is, what benefits are you going to get from having a CRM system ?

  1. Having a CRM means that you and everyone in the organisation knows what is happening with a Client. This means that if the client calls the office, the sales person can refer them to the Account Manager or answer questions appropriately
  2. Having a CRM means that prices quoted to a client are consistent. By knowing which pricing policy is in place and what discounts are offered to the client any operator should be able to provide accurate prices.
  3. Having a CRM means that you can interrogate the database to identify clients for whomne a new products or service would be useful or attractive.

But the real advantage of haveing a JS5 CRM solution is that we can build a meaningful e-commerce solution for you. 

The basics of an integrated solution would allow the Client User to identify themselves and from there the system knows which client they are associated with and therefore what pricing and diascounts to use. Thus the client can place their own orders , make payment, enquire on previous orders make requests, add correspondence and interact with you and your database in a meaningful way. 

We naturally think about product sales when we think about e-commece, by JS5 works just a well in other environments such a Financial Services, Profesional Services, and Project Management.

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