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Finding out what you clients thinks is a very important part of Client Service. 

We find clients like to push out emails asking clients for feedback as well as offering a feedback form on the web site.

Whichever option you chhose, with QS5 you are able to create your own set of questions.

QS5 allows you to create a logically structured survey, omitting questions that are not applicable based on previous answers and focusing on the areas that are applicable. This is an important feature because the longer the survey the less likely the client is going to complete it so by avoiding irrelevant questions you are improving your chnaces of the user completing it.

QS5 allows you to brand your survey with your own logos and colour scheme and can be presented in its own page or as an i-frame within an existing page.

At the end of the survey the system will create and email with the answers for this person so that a Customer Services rep can address any issues raised with that client.

But the real power is in the bulk analysis tool.  The user is able to look at the responses for a period and set bench marks for different questions so that failure to meet the benchmarks can trigger business review to see if improvments can be made in you processes.


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