Manage your Business.

A Complete CRM Solution

Manage your business with a complete CRM solution

JS5 is a simple yet powerful CRM that drives your business behind the scenes.

Customer relationship management (CRM) technology manages all your relationships and interactions with current and potential customers - it keeps you connected, streamlines processes, and improves profitability. JS5 is designed with a simple goal in mind - improve business relationships to grow your business. 

Why JS5 is the right solution for your business

JS5 is smart

JS5 is designed to recognise the difference between individual customers and client organisations, which means the relationship is properly managed. 

Complex, not complicated

Developed to allow you to record lots of information about customers and clients, while still being easy to use, JS5 helps you keep track of every relevant detail.

  • Details of business units
  • Business locations
  • People based at each location
  • The roles people play in each organisation

You can also build a history of transactions with sales opportunities. 

  • Sales team and account managers involved
  • Communications made in progressing the sales opportunity
  • Documentation, proposals and quotes
  • Contracts
  • Sales transacted

Build business insights

The data collected can be used to produce sales management reports, showing details of the sales pipeline, which informs planning for future orders. Calendars for individual sales staff can provide reports on sales activity which can be used to calculate commissions and performance rewards.

All the extras

While the CRM is a fundamental component of most JS5 implementations, the system includes multiple customer administration tools.

  • Product discounts
  • Client requests
  • Job tracking / process management
  • Finance applications
  • Service contracts

How JS5 works



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    Sales & Client Management

    Capture sale and client details, along with all communications, to maximise your sales funnels

  • JET_Icons_JS5_ProductStock.png

    Product & Stock Management

    Never lose stock again - improve visibility across all areas to manage product availability.

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    Online Booking Systems

    The Convenience of Online Booking

    Online booking is now expected by your clients, and creates efficiencies for staff resourcing.

  • JET_Icons_JS5_EventManage.png

    Event Management

    Collect client details and special requests for any event, streamlining operations and delivery.

  • JET_Icons_JS5_HR.png

    HR (Health/Safety Compliance)

    Keeping records of monthly, quarterly or annual staff and safety reviews simplifies compliance.

  • Integrated Solutions

    Yours or ours


    Integrated Solutions

    JS5 is a powerful CRM on its own, but integrating with CK5 and QS5 provides smooth and easy navigation for both external and internal users and provides a range of added value features.

    Email integrations with CK5

    When integrated with CK5, JS5 is able to automatically carry out tasks that usually require manual intervention, such as adding people to your mailing list for email marketing and offering registration for client portal features. 

    This integration also enables use of CK5's email management system for operational emails generated by the CRM, including order confirmation, invoices, and delivery updates. By using CK5 all emails are mobile friendly, and consistently branded with dynamic content easily included. 

    Data collection integrations with QS5

    Integration with QS5 allows the collection of dynamic information. For example, a website enquiry guides the potential customer to a survey, collecting data that is used to create a client record with details to initiate the client relationship with the sales team. 

    External integrations

    We work with clients to integrate specialist software into JS5, such as accounting and payroll. 

    We have experience with major accounting software, including Xero and MYOB, and can easily integrate these into the system. 


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    Finance is a complex industry requiring a sophisticated solution. JS5 manages every aspect of finance quoting, invoicing and management, and can be used for fleet and asset management.

  • JET_Icons_JS5_Accounting.png

    Accounting (XERO/MYOB)

    The JS5 database allows us to record details of all financial transactions. Using a rules based structure, your users can create the correct financial transactions every time without having to know the details of those business rules.

  • JET_Icons_JS5_Opperations.png


    JS5 provides you with a set of functions to take you from orders and payments to the delivery of products or provision of services, with operational reporting tailored to your business.

  • JET_Icons_JS5_Dispatch.png


    With real-time updating and constant minimum level monitoring, you can take control of your stock - managing minimum stock costs while having what you need when you need it.


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