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JS5 - Operations / Delivery.


Taking Orders and payments is one thing, but organising the delivery of the products or provision of the service requires additional functionality. JETPAC CRM provides you with a set of functions to help with this.

Product Delivery is  based around the orders in the system. Mostly this will be a simple list of orders, creating a picking list and dispatch documentation. Issues can arise when multiple products have been ordered and part of that order cannot be fulfilled. JETPAC allows you to do a partial delivery keeping the remaining order items in the 'to be delivered' queue. Emails notifying of the dispatch can be triggered at the appropriate times.

Service Delivery is based around a 'Request' and associated to the request can be bookings/appointments to show what resources are required for the delivery of the service. JETPAC allows for the swapping of resources, rescheduling and recording conversations in the build up to and follow-up of the service. From a management point of view understanding the who did what when provides a significant level of control and oversight to the process.

Operational Reporting is an important element of this process and as every business is different JETPAC has developed a strategy which allows the user to generate their own report and csv extracts. This means that you are in control and don't need to ask for special outputs for specific circumstances.


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