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JS5 - Stock Management.

Stock Management is an integral part of many businesses and to make JS5 work best for you, we recommend that you use JS5 to record all stock movments.

Typically, when an order is placed the Stock Dispatch record is created when a new purchase order is created a stock receipt record is added.  These items are managed and updated when the stock is dispatched or receipted. In this way we know what the actual stock count is and what are allocated to ordes and what receipts are expected giving us a complete picture.

JS5 allows for multiple stock locations and bin identitfication, Stock Takes and Stock Valuations.

JS5 allows for varying levels of management intervention in the processing of orders depending your individual requirements. e.g. You may want to review orders before dispatch to ensure that the whole order can be dispatched as one delivery to minimise freight costs.

JS5 provides a management overview and the system automatically generates purchase requests when stock levels get below the defined minimum. The user will than check stock movements and delivery costs to determine the best purchase quantity. 

The key parameter for stock management is the replenishment period. This is the number of days that you need to get a new delivery of that product. The system uses this number and the number of sales made over the last few weeks to estimate the ideal minimum stock quantity. In this way, you can minimise the cost of carrying stock.

In the ideal case, each time an order is received, the system will notify the dispatch team, will raise a purchase request ( if the stock is now below the minimu order quantity ) and alert the purchasing department if the minimum stock quantity has been triggered and alert the purching manager that the minimum stock quantity should be reviewed if this sale means that there has been an increase in sales. 



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