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QS5 is an online information gathering solution, with applications from simple online surveys to complex data collection and management. 

Why QS5 is the right solution for your business

User-friendly surveys deliver rich results

The higher the engagement from your survey target audience, the better quality data you can gather. QS5 helps you build surveys with consistent branding, high-quality presentation and an easy-to-follow structure. 

Asking the right questions

QS5's intelligent routing capability allows you to be smart about the questions you ask and the options you offer, which are critical for capturing valuable data. Piping of answers allows you to personalise the interface and create advanced logic, for example, a name collected early in the survey can be used to personalise the following questions.

You stay in control

The QS5 management tool helps you set up questions and test your survey before you publish it. How the survey is published is up to you - users can work through a survey just once or it can be configured to allow the survey to be suspended and revisited by the user. 

All data submitted is recorded in the database, and you have options for how you process responses to survey completion. You can programme it to send an email to the manager of the survey or the data manager for the survey, or remove survey completion email notifications. 

Utilising collected data 

With the QS5 online analysis, you gain actionable insights from the data you collect. QS5 can present data as graphs, with statistical analysis, and allows the user to filter answers so you can drill down into responses. 

For surveys that run continuously, reporting periods can be set, allowing analysis from different periods to be compared and trends analysed. Data can also be extracted into spreadsheets.

Boost your functionality with JETPAC integrations

Integrating QS5 with CS5 or JS5 opens up the ways you can utilise the data gathered through surveys, without cumbersome manual data entry or extracting and uploading data. These include adding the person to a mailing list, registering the user for a Client Portal Application or creating an enquiry or sales opportunity.

How QS5 works



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    Customer Feedback

    Gaining customer feedback is critical to understanding what your business is doing well and where it could improve, QS5 makes this easy.

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    Making it easy for potential customers to make an enquiry about your business and streamlining these sales opportunities for your team drives business growth.

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    Application Forms

    Manually creating and processing application forms is time-consuming and inefficient; QS5 simplifies the process and makes reviewing applications easy,

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    Keep records of employees and contractors, including completed training and certifications, manage assets used by employees and record follow-up appointments.

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    Employee Reviews

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    Data Collection

    Easily collect quality data on current and potential customers and employees, leading to actionable insights, and more efficient business management.


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