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Leading the Web Management solutions for CMS

CK5 is now a leader in digital publication solutions.

CK5 is a digital publication system capable of managing all your digital content. Primarily targeted at web site managers for managing your web site content it also includes an integrated email management system and user management system. It has been used to manage a Social Media presence.

At the end of the day CK5 delivers dynamic content to your web site through a rules based HTML delivery engine. This means that the Web Developer creates a page template which contains the framework of the page with associated CSS, and calls CK5 to deliver the dynamic content into the page elements. He then uses the CK5 Management tool to describe the page and the elements of the page assigning different output formats to each element.

This delivery strategy means that all the work is done on our server and there are no constraints on the design, no limitation on the Editor, and no expectations of the client device. 

And for a dynamic web server its fast, using a smart caching system, CK5 only recreates the HTML for a page element when its required

Once the design is complete and the web pages have been created it is over to the Content Writer to create the content and assign it to the page element. CK5 delivery engine does the rest.

What makes CK5 stand out above the rest? 

The key element is that it was originally created for a Media Company that needed the editors to be able to write their content directly into the system, so there is no technical knowledge required by the normal user. The system automatically resizes images to the sizes determined by the designer.

CK5 is easy for Developers. CK5 includes specific features for developers to create the site structure, define the presentation rules for the page elements and include a range of smart features without them having to worry about any coding.

CK5 keeps track of everything, who is reading what content, so comprehensive stats are available.

CK5 manages access to web pages. so it is easy to create secure pages for employees, agents or clients.

CK5 is secure. We look for situations where URL parameters are compromised (SQL insertion).  All attempts to gain access this way are rejected.

CK5 has a wide range of add-value functions and features which the developer can include in any site, these include:

  • Intranet
  • Email Management
  • Catalogue Management
  • Related Content
  • Comments
  • User Group Management
  • Search
  • Statistics

In the related pages you will see details of some of these features




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    CK5 - Dynamic Web Site CMS

    With CK5 you can deliver a dynamic and informative web-site. Delivering engaging content is key to creating a strong relationship with your readers / clients.

    With CK5 you can deliver personalised feature rich content.

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    Product Catalogue

    The best way to be dispalying your products online when eCommerce is not required.

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Dispite the rise of Social Media in recent years, Email Marketing is still the best way to talk to your client audiance. With CK5, you have access to a comprehensive email management system which not only manages the sending of Marketing Emails but also provides for dynamic content in operational emails such as Order Confirmation, Membership Reminders etc.

In CK5 we think of an Email as an instance of a  normal Web Page. The Email template is set out to have dynamic blocks (Introduction, a list of ‘Calls To Action”, and a sign-off Text), this of course is set out at the design stage and can include other dynamic areas such as header images and footers.

CK5 has a smart routine which translates the html which would work in a web site into html for an email and then personalises the email with the readers details and sent. The issue here is that style sheet type sytax cannot be relied on to present an email so each element needs to have the styling added into that element.

From the Editors point of view, they will edit the Welcome and Sign-off texts. Finally the Call to Action block is populated with existing stories from the database. These 'Call To Action' stories will have links automatically assigned which direct the reader back to the web site.  The email can be previewed on-line and test emails can be sent to a group of checkers before being sent.

Each email template will have a User Group assigned. This allows you to easily have multiple templates, one template for clients and others for Suppliers / Partners / Employees and be confident that the wrong person does not receive the incorrect email. Each person can be categorised and this allows the user to send an email to the people within the group that are of a particuler type ( ladies only or people based in Auckland ).

The editor can then schedule the sending of the email to the selected cohort of users.

As part of an ethical marketing solution, you need to provide the ability for a user to unsubscribe from the mail list.

CK5 provides this as standard part of all solutions.

Case Study A:  This is an association that send out weekly emails to their membership around the latest news as well as special alert type emails around specific events at the club.

Case Study E:  This is a large event management organisation with a mailing list of some 20,000 people. Regular sales related emails are sent to segments of the list based on the products being promoted and their location.


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Unit 6, 73 King Street, Pukekohe, New Zealand.

Postal Address:
PO Box 535, Pukekohe, New Zealand

+64 9 525 9623


Contact Us

Street Address:
Unit 6, 73 King Street, Pukekohe, New Zealand.

Postal Address:
PO Box 535, Pukekohe, New Zealand

+64 9 525 9623