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Managing your membership can be a major headache for many clubs and organisations. 

With CK5 as part of your JETPAC solution we can offer a complete package for managing and communicating with your members.

Key to managing your members is to understand who they are, what their interests are. With CK5 you can build an individual profile for each person so that you can communicate with them effectively. The member profile can be made up of attributes which the User can manage for themselves and other attributes which the club management can maintain.

CK5 allows you to create your membership list, record when their membership is to be renewed.

Communicating with your membership is easy using CK5 integrated Email Management system. Here you can send weekly/monthly updates to the membership as well as ad hoc emails to certain groups within your membership.

Communicating with committee members is often a difficulty particularly if you have sensitive information to share. With CK5 we can build secure pages (intranet) where committee documents can be stored allowing only designated members to access. This is often a more efficient way and more secure way of distributing sensitive information.


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