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JETPAC - e-commerce for Products.


JETPAC allows us to create very user friendly e-commerce solutions because we have integrated the Sales and Marketing aspect of e-commerce with CK5 with the CRM/Financial aspects in JS5.

CK5 allows you to describe your products in words, pictures and images delivering unlimited Sales and Marketing messages.

In the JS5 database we can hold the full description of each product, size, weight etc. price, discounts, accounting fees and charges and stock levels, delivery costs and times.

The power of the JETPAC solution is the way we have built a simple relationship between the two databases allowing the web page to deliver the combined information is a smooth seamless way.


We understand that there can be radical differences between businesses and we have provided for a wide range of configurable parameters which means our standard shopping basket can react the way you want.

Some of these are :

  • Managed Stock Levels

           Initiating stock management is a matter of a flag setting. By setting the flag the system will reserve the product for 30 mins after adding to the Cart and when checking the stock levels will check the number in current baskets.

  • Freight Charges

This process is initated by setting a flag. The system initially identifies the country of the user.

  • Credit Card Fees
  • Payment Methods ( Invoice or Credit Card )
  • Client Type ( Business or Individual )
  • Discount Vouchers



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