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CK5 was originally concieved for a pay-walled new web-site so membership management was designed into it from the start.

At the heart of any user based system the The Person. A person can have multiple memberships over multiuple User Groups. These user groups can have different purposes within your system and so can have different renewal periods.  For example a paid membership would normally have a renewal period of 12 months but membership of an email marketing group would be on-going and not have a termination or renewal period.

Each Group will have its own administrator who will be the 'sender' of administration emails ( membership renewals, password reminders etc.)

CK5's access control system allows you to designate which user group is able to access which components of your digital platform.

Normally the user will have the ability to update their own profile with a profile page.

Renewal of membership of a group is automated and once payment has been received the membership is extended according to the rules of that membership group. If required, we can integrate this membership system with your CRM business system to deliver additional add value solutions.


Case Study M is a membership based directory system, where users/members are able to purchase and renew their membership and update their directory entry.



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