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In today's digital landscape, social media platforms have gained immense popularity and have become an integral part of our daily lives. However, despite the rise of social media or because of the proliferation of social media platforms, many businesses are turning to email marketing as an incredibly effective way to communicate with your client audience. CK5 offers a fully user-managed email marketing tool that allows businesses to leverage the power of email to engage with their customers in a personalized and targeted manner.

Key Features of CK5's Email Marketing Tool:

    Email List Management:

    CK5 enables users to create and manage email marketing lists. This feature allows businesses to organize their recipients into specific groups for more targeted and tailored email campaigns.

    Email Creation and Customization:

    With CK5, Developers can set up an email template, similar to designing a web page. The template consists of various blocks, such as simple text areas for introductions and sign-offs, call-to-action buttons, dynamic banner images, and additional blocks for sponsors or advertisers. The email styles are defined in a special CK5 emailStyles file and is applied to the email prior to sending so that it is applied to all the dynamic content as well as the template, this ensure that the email conforms to the company's design guidelines.

    Dynamic Content:

    CK5 allows the marketing team to create email instances by providing subject headings and other management details. The email content is included as dynamic content and finally the email is personalised for each recipient based on recipient data, such as names, preferences, or purchase history. This personal touch enhances engagement and drives better results.

    Preview and Testing:

    Prior to sending the email, CK5 provides a preview function that allows administrators to view the email as a web page. This ensures that the content is displayed correctly and aligns with the intended design. Additionally, administrators can send test emails to assigned proofreaders or a select group of recipients to check personalization, links, and overall wording.

    Scheduled Sending:

    CK5 empowers administrators to choose when to send the email. Whether it's an immediate delivery or a specific time selected in advance, businesses have the flexibility to reach their audience at the most opportune moments.

    Tracking and Analytics:

    The email marketing tool in CK5 records email opens and click-through rates. If a list of links is provided, the system can identify which specific links were selected by recipients. These insights help businesses understand the effectiveness of their campaigns, make data-driven decisions, and optimize future email marketing strategies.


While social media platforms have their merits, email marketing continues to be a powerful and reliable means of communication with client audiences. CK5's email marketing tool simplifies the entire process, from list management and content creation to testing, scheduling, and tracking. By leveraging this tool, businesses can build stronger relationships with their customers, drive engagement, and achieve their marketing goals effectively.


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    Employee Reviews

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    Keep records of employees and contractors, including completed training and certifications, manage assets used by employees and record follow-up appointments.

  • JET_Icons_JS5_Opperations.png


    JS5 provides you with a set of functions to take you from orders and payments to the delivery of products or provision of services, with operational reporting tailored to your business.

  • JET_Icons_JS5_Finance.png


    Finance is a complex industry requiring a sophisticated solution. JS5 manages every aspect of finance quoting, invoicing and management, and can be used for fleet and asset management.

  • JET_Icons_JS5_ProductStock.png

    Product & Stock Management

    Never lose stock again - improve visibility across all areas to manage product availability.

  • Customer Feedback

    Gaining customer feedback is critical to understanding what your business is doing well and where it could improve, QS5 makes this easy.

  • JET_Icons_JS5_Dispatch.png


    With real-time updating and constant minimum level monitoring, you can take control of your stock - managing minimum stock costs while having what you need when you need it.

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    Sales & Client Management

    Capture sale and client details, along with all communications, to maximise your sales funnels

  • JET_Icons_JS5_HR.png

    HR (Health/Safety Compliance)

    Keeping records of monthly, quarterly or annual staff and safety reviews simplifies compliance.

  • JET_Icons_JS5_EventManage.png

    Event Management

    Collect client details and special requests for any event, streamlining operations and delivery.


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