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ckeditor - WYSIWYG editor of choice

CK5, powered by the popular CKEditor, offers a robust WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface that empowers content editors with intuitive content editing capabilities. CK5 takes customization a step further by implementing a general environment that allows clients to configure specific options tailored to their needs. This article explores how CK5 maintains consistency with brand guidelines while offering flexibility in configuration and toolbar options for individual users.

Preserving Brand Guidelines:
One of the primary objectives of CK5 is to ensure that editors cannot significantly alter the styling, format, or brand guidelines established by web designers. This approach aims to maintain a cohesive visual identity throughout the website. The system is designed with restrictions in mind, preventing editors from making drastic changes that deviate from the established guidelines.

Customizable Configuration Options:
CK5 offers a versatile environment that allows web designers to define Site-Specific ckeditor configurations. This customization empowers designers to set style and font options according to the specific requirements of the website. By tailoring the ckeditor configuration, designers can ensure that the available options align with the intended visual aesthetics and brand guidelines.

User-Specific Toolbar Configurations:
CK5 recognizes that different users may have varying capabilities and requirements. To address this, the system allows the definition of alternative toolbar configurations. By creating different toolbar sets, CK5 can cater to users with diverse needs and limitations. This capability ensures that each user has access to the appropriate set of formatting options.

The typical user in CK5 enjoys a range of formatting options to enhance their content creation. These options include:

  • Insert Link: Easily add hyperlinks to the content.
  • Insert Anchor Point: Insert anchor points to create internal links within the page.
  • Insert Image: Seamlessly add images to enhance visual content.
  • Insert Table: Incorporate tables for structured data presentation.
  • Insert Bullet/Numbered List: Create lists to organize content in a structured manner.
  • Pick from Dropdown of Standard Styles: Select from a predefined set of standard heading styles (e.g., h1, h2, etc.).
  • Pick from Dropdown of Special Styles: Choose from additional specialized styles defined by the web designer.
  • Choose Alternate Font: Customize the font type used within the content.
  • Alter Font Size: Adjust the size of the font to emphasize or de-emphasize content.
  • Alter Font Weight: Modify the thickness or boldness of the font for visual emphasis.
  • Choose Italic Font: Apply italic styling to selected text.

CK5's integration of CKEditor as its WYSIWYG interface offers content editors a user-friendly environment for creating and editing content. By striking a balance between customization and brand consistency, CK5 ensures that editors cannot significantly alter the established styling and format guidelines. The ability to configure Site-Specific ckeditor options allows designers to tailor the environment to specific requirements, while user-specific toolbar configurations ensure that each user has access to the appropriate set of formatting options. With CK5, content editors can focus on producing engaging content while adhering to the overall design vision and brand guidelines.


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