QS5 - New and updated Question Styles


We all know that the best way to get the quality information from a user is to ask the question in the right way.

The user needs to feel confident that they have a good understanding of what you want and an appropriate mechanism to provide the answer.

The first part of the solution is to phrase the question clearly, the rest of it comes to presenting the user with an interface which allows them to provide the best response.


In QS5 we offer all the standard question styles Text, Number, Choice. We have always strived to deliver more than this.


The Scale Question Style

The Scale question is basically a question requiring a numeric answer. 

It works best in situations where we are looking for a number but we recognise the answer will not be truely accurate but will be based on a 'feeling' e.g. How many times did you dine out in the last 12 months?.  In this situation rather than using an entry field,  a slider bar offers a much easier way for the user to provide an answer.

This offers speed as well as simplicity for the respondent.


The Scale Question with Classifications Style

This style is an extension of the Scale Question and allows the user to create a classification grid for the scale.

Each classification can be presented on the slider bar as Text Headings or as an image(icon) and so you can present an animation type display.

The additional benefit here is that the classification option is recorded against the answer as a question choice so the response can be used in routing logic later within the survey to route the user to alternative questions.


The Rating Grid

When you are asking your customers about their experiences we often use terms which are meaningful to us (booking, reception, processing, management, delivery, invoicing) and if you asked the customer to rate each part of the process individually the user may well get confused about which part of the process each question is referring to.  By combining it all into one question, the user can see the scope of the question at a glance and so any confusion is removed.


Net Promoter Score Question(NPS)

This is a special question style which is designed to address the Marketing Standard NPS methodology. 

The question is presented in a standard form as a radio button form. 

The real work is done in the analysis behind the scenes allowng you to monitor the NPS score over time.




  • Customer Feedback

    Gaining customer feedback is critical to understanding what your business is doing well and where it could improve, QS5 makes this easy.

  • Event Management

    Event Management is a complex multi-level business with many components including Web Site promotion, e-commerce ticketing and registration, Guest Management and ticketing and on-the-day information.

    Check out what we have produced for ALL Blacks Hospitality

  • Dispatch

    With real-time updating and constant minimum level monitoring, you can take control of your stock - managing minimum stock costs while having what you need when you need it.

  • Intranet

    Building an intranet site allows you to securely share confidential content

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