QS5 Enquiry

QS5 Enquiry.

Most web sites will deal with client enquiry through a simple contact form whch generates an email. Simple but not really grabbing the client who is showing interest in your product.

JETPAC can offer so much more. A fundamental feature of CK5 is to keep track of where a reader came from and what articles they have read. Providing this detail as part of the Enquiry, provides a real understanding of the path the reader has taken to get to the decision point.

With a QS5 Enquiry Survey, you can create a small survey to capture as much informationas you require, you can imply logic to ask deeper questions if required and then on completion we can Save the information in our JS5 database as a new Clients and a Sales Opportunity with the additioal data collected as Notes against that opportunity. 

The end result here is that we have the Prospect data recorded in our CRM, the Sales Opportunity there for the sales team to pick up and data in the management system which allows you to monitor the opportunities that come via the web-site, that they are being followed up effectively and report on the earnings achieved though this channel.



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