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Keeping track of your employment obligations has become a significant issue for many organisations.  With Employment Reviews, Health and Safety,  Anti Money Laundering Legislation, Data Protection and security training the amount of effort and resource to handle a large workforce is significant.

In the post COVID environment we may need to keep vaccination records and, with employees working from home tracking of company assets may become an issue.

JETPAC  has been working in the employment space for several years with particular emphasis on Employment Performance Reviews and Anti-Money Laundering Education and certification.   

Using the Jetstream database we can record the employees and or contractors with their individual requirements and keep records of all completed training, certifications. Where applicable followup or renewal appointments can be recorded.
Integrating CK5 to provide dynamic educational content as video lectures followed up with an Assessment run through QS5 we can generate Scores and Pass/Fail results.

Case Stuf A:

This organisation provide training and education to a number of Banks and Finance Companies. Part of their offering includes an on-line portal for the Client to record the employees and their training status as well as the Clients Documentation and overall review status.

Case Study P:
This is a large supermarket with over 200 staff and a lot of turnover. They have established a regular Employee review system to ensure that Customer Service standards are constantly top of mind. The Reviews are done initially by the Employee and then by the Team Leader with the Employee. Scores are recorded and team averages published. Management are able to see the team averages and identify trends for teams and individuals.   

Case Study M:
This is a franchised organisation supporting businesses and individuals in delivering technical assessments to the public. Maintaining the quality of the assessments requires constant education and training.  The system uses CK5 to present the training and QS5 to run post training assessments to check the effectiveness of the training.  Results are recorded and reported through the management structure as required.

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