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Running an on-line competition is a great way to collect contact information for your target market. Yes you can employ a web developer to develop a page for you with a form that sends emails on completion but the problem with this approach is that it is quite expensive if you wan to offer something creative, and the data has to be handled manually.

QS5 is a perfect solution for this type of exercise as it allows you to build your own competition with unlimited questions including routing logic; you can style the pages to meet your brand requirements,  and it collects all the information for you to be extracted as a spreadsheet.

QS5 also includes a scoring mechanism allowing the system to calculate an overall score for the questionairre.  Different questions can be given different weights and the options for a question can be given scores.

QS5 is naturally a mobile-friendly environment so it presents well on all devices.

QS5 is also a very cost effective way to undertake this type of exercise as a QS5 Account is free. If you have the basic skills required, you can set up a survey/ questionnaire and the survey can be run  as an i-frame on your web site. In this case you will only be charged a set fee per response.

If you need assistance, JETPAC will provide all the support you need, from setting up a new web site to host your competition, assisting with the survey or helping you embed it in your existing web site.



Client S used QS5 as the competition / data collection form when running New Product Expo in shopping malls 


Client  E uses QS5 for a pick the score competition at Rugby and Cricket matches. Special Logic has been written to find the winners at the end of game.

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