JS5 - Product & Stock Management

Dealing with your products in a digital world has several different aspects:

  • Setup
  • Commercial
  • Stock Management

If you are selling products on-line, it's very important that you can describe all your product range accurately. This mainly involves having the web site marketing text, images, manuals etc But you also need to describe the product within your Business CRM database. Here, you need to define what is is, group and categorise it for reporting, define where you are storing it, what size it is, how heavy it is and even sometimes how you make it or how long it takes to re-order.

With this information, you can deliver to the end user all the information they may require to help them decide on your product over that of a competitor.

With JETPAC we can deliver information such as Product Availability,  Freight Charges, delivery times of on Back Order.


In the Commercial area, we need to record prices but also offer discounts. JETPAC has a comprehensive discount structure allowing for :

  • Client Based Discounts. For a client or groups of clients you can set discounts for any combination of products. These discounts can be for a specific period and can be defined as either a discount percent or $ value.
    These discounts are automatically applied if the user logs on and is recognised as a person associated to a client to whom this discount is offered.
  • Public Voucher Discounts. In this situation you are able to set up a discount strategy for specific products or product ranges being effective for a period of time but you are also able to limit the number of purchases using any one code.
    These discounts are applied to people who enter a published voucher code in the check-out area.

From an accounting point of view the discounts can be applied to a separate General Ledger Account so that you are able to maintain correct accounting and reporting.

Freight is another automatic feature with JETPAC. JETPAC identifies the geographic location of the user using the IP address and is able to estimate the Freight Charges for each product as they are added to the shopping basket. On confirmation of the delivery address, the freight charges are confirmed. Again Freight Charges are account for through a separate General Ledger Account to provide best practice accounting.


Stock Management is the final element. For the system to be able to provide real-time information to the on-line systems. JETPAC has established a comprehensive set of functions for both stock dispatches and stock orders to manage this process.

Dispatches are Reserved when a product is added to the shopping basket, Ordered when the order is placed, and Dispatched. For Receipts. a Request is added when stock is low, Ordered when stock is ordered and Received when the stock is receipted. In this way we can track every movement and recognise every possible situation.

Key to Stock Management is to keep your stock levels at a minimum but not run out of stock. To help you do this JETPAC provides a management facility which is based of a reorder period. Using this value and knowing the sales volumes we can calculate optimal minimum stock level. This quantity also doubles as the re-order quantity. JETPAC can be configured to create stock re-order requests and/or emails to alert the stock manager that action is required.



Case Study K. 


This business sells high-spec bicycle components around the world through the e-commerce system.  They do not require the stock management feature as any shortfall in stock is manufactured to order at the time. We do however record the weight and volume of the components and work out the freight costs based on the country of the purchaser. 

Case Study E.

This business sells tickets to All Blacks matches. This requires the system administrator to be able to add new products all the time and stock management is an important requirement. The e-commerce system understands the current availability and alerts the user is stock is short The system also send alert emails to the system administrator when the stock low level is achieved.

An important feature of the system is the ‘reserved status' of the tickets that are in the shopping basket, and the way the system releases these automatically if the purchase is not completed.

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