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CK5 a fully dynamic Content Management System(CMS).


Using CK5 you can deliver an intuitive, dynamic and informative web-site. CK5 boasts a number of clever features with which you as the designer can create an engaging experience.

All pages of a CK5 web site are created dynamically when called for. The advantage of this is not only that you as a user can manage the content of the pages through our Content Management Tool but we can build a much more intuitive and responsive web site which reacts to what the reader is reading or who the reader is. This creates an engaging web site that can add significant value to your brand.

The main reason for having a dynamic web site is that you provide a reason for your audience to return to your web site. The rule of thumb is that a person needs to see your brand a minimum of 5 times in a positive sense to recognise it. In the case of a static web site you may get an initial visit but you are unlikely to get that visitor returning. If your content is constantly changing and the user experience is engaging, they will return, sign up for emails or even create a site profile.

CK5 is based on the Editor writing content and when the content is assigned to the page element they specify the dates for publication to start and end. This allows you to set up some clever scenarios.

an example of this is All Blacks Hospitality Fixtures List.   is a list element where the sort sequence is based on the End Date of publication so the articles appear in the correct order and the day after the event will automatically drop off.  We have others where the page element is a countdown clock based on that same End Date of publication. again its a list but only 1 object id displayed which means when on event has passed the countdown clock picks up the next. From an editors point of view it means that the full season of events can be setup at the start and the website will look after itself.

Another smart feature is the sharing of lists.. Consider a web site where you may have a news page  Quite often we see situations where some news element is required on the home page (and others) so rather than telling the editor to create content and assign it here, here and here, we can create a rule to instruct one page element to get its content from another.  This does not mean the display must be the same, we could use a different display style and present a different number of articles in the display.

Then we have the true Dynamic Features:

Content Related Content.

In this situation we create a library of content objects, each of which is classified and categorised. When a reader selects one to read, we can create a related element which displays items from the library which have overlapping categories. An additional twist is that we can choose not to display items which the reader has alreasdy read. 

User Related Content

This situation works best when we have the reader logged identified. We can set CK5 to build a user profile based on the categories of the articles the reader has read; here we can pull out of the article library content which most closely fits the users profile.  This is ideal for a new site where new content is being added regularly.

Fixed or Managed Related Content

In this situation, when the editor assigns an item to a block, this becomes the parent, he can also assign the articles to be displayed in the child block. Again referring to All Blacks hpospitality When a match is chosen the list of Packages available at that match are defined through this related content structure.

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