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Dynamic Mapping System

Conmara Development Map

The Dynamic Interactive Mapping System (DIMS) is a feature integrated into CK5

DIMS enables site administrators to upload a maps and add various features to them according to their preferences. Each feature is a CK5 Content Object which are then applied as overlays to the map. Using CK5's Scheduling feature, the Administrator can  schedule a feature to display or not for specific periods of time.  The categorization system provided by CK5 allows these features to be classified, which in turn enables the creation of a filtering system for end-users to find specific features of interest on the map. In short the Map display can change through the course of time, so the Map for an event can change; showing different details during setup, public access and performance periods.

Each feature on the map can be associated with additional information by linking it to another URL or displaying a popup. This functionality enhances the user experience by providing more details and context about the features they interact with on the map.

DIMS has applications in several industries, including property development, where it can be used to display properties and update their status dynamically, such as marking lots as sold. It is also valuable for shows, exhibitions, and events, as it allows organizers to highlight vendor stands, and specific areas or attractions on the map. Public buildings and work sites can benefit from DIMS by indicating areas undergoing maintenance or construction, providing real-time updates.

The key advantage of DIMS is its dynamic nature, allowing site administrators to alter and update features on the map as needed. For example, in a property development scenario, the status of lots can be changed instantly, and areas of a workplace can be marked as undergoing maintenance on a whim.

In summary, DIMS, integrated with CK5, provides site administrators with the ability to create interactive maps with customizable features. It enhances user navigation through its filtering system and allows for the display of additional information for each feature. DIMS has diverse applications across industries such as property development, shows and exhibitions, events, public buildings, and work sites.

Cloud Solutions

  • JET_Icons_QS5_EmployeeReviews.png

    Employee Reviews

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    Keep records of employees and contractors, including completed training and certifications, manage assets used by employees and record follow-up appointments.

  • JET_Icons_JS5_EventManage.png

    Event Management

    Collect client details and special requests for any event, streamlining operations and delivery.

  • JET_Icons_JS5_SalesClientMarketing.png

    Sales & Client Management

    Capture sale and client details, along with all communications, to maximise your sales funnels

  • JET_Icons_JS5_Opperations.png


    JS5 provides you with a set of functions to take you from orders and payments to the delivery of products or provision of services, with operational reporting tailored to your business.

  • JET_Icons_JS5_Finance.png


    Finance is a complex industry requiring a sophisticated solution. JS5 manages every aspect of finance quoting, invoicing and management, and can be used for fleet and asset management.

  • JET_Icons_JS5_HR.png

    HR (Health/Safety Compliance)

    Keeping records of monthly, quarterly or annual staff and safety reviews simplifies compliance.

  • JET_Icons_JS5_Booking.png

    Online Booking Systems

    The Convenience of Online Booking

    Online booking is now expected by your clients, and creates efficiencies for staff resourcing.

  • JET_Icons_JS5_ProductStock.png

    Product & Stock Management

    Never lose stock again - improve visibility across all areas to manage product availability.

  • JET_Icons_CK5_Ecommerce_Service.png

    Service Scheduling

    Integrated service scheduling allows your clients to easily schedule a service technician online at a time that works for them - without overloading your phone lines

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