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There a wide array of applications for this type of solution: one that comes to mind in this post-COVID environment with more people working from home, is to share business process documentation and internal forms etc..Another we have seen is a club sharing committee meeting Agenda, Minutes, and reports.


Access Control is built into every page delivered by CK5 and has been a fundamental element of the system from day 1.  This Access Control system is used to ensure that the public cannot get access to our own CK5 Management System so it has had rigorous testing over several years. Each page can be defined as a public page or an access controlled page and if Access controlled there is a User Group defined to control the users who can access it.  So every time an access control page is accessed we ensure that the user is in the group defined.

The page is then treated as any other page, the editor can create content and publish it to the page as with any other page.  Often there is sharing of documents and files with these Content Objects.

To protect sensitive documents CK5 has implemented a special process to deliver files from the sites' library. Fundamentally all documents are stored in a secure library and links in the Content Object call a routine that checks where and how the user has accessed the document. If the security checks are passed, the document is copied to a public location to be downloaded and then immediately removed. If the document link is shared, it will not work because the file no longer exists in that location, if the original link is shared it will not work as the user will not be logged in.  


Case Stud F:

Case study F is a company which has a large group of Franchise Operators where business advice, procedure manuals, and supplier options are made available to this audience. This content is constantly being updated with marketing promotions and alerts.   All this content is confidential in nature so they use CK5's Secure Intranet to manage the delivery of this content.


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