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CK5 - Basic web sites.

CK5 has a vast array of smart features but for a lot of businesses starting out,  this appears to be overkill for the sort of site you are looking for but there are still some good reasons for choosing JETPAC and CK5. 

Using CK5's standard templates we can create a new environment very quickly so you can start writing content within hours and have your web-site on-line and working for you immediately.

By choosing JETPAC and CK5 you are making a good long term decision because no matter where you take your business on the digital road, none of the investment you make at this early stage is wasted. If at a later date you want to completely rejig your web site, you will still have access to the content, images and documents you load up on day 1. One of original clients, after 13 years and 3 reviews of web site has several thousand articles and images in the database and in GOOGLE search index still working for them.


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