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Displaying your products on your web site is an art and CK5 provides a comprehensive solution to the presentation of Products and /or  services for any business.

When setting up a catalogue system we think about three fundamental issues.

  • Can we describe the product fully
  • Can you optimise the exposure of your products through search engines
  • Can we set up an Index structure to allow the user to easily navigate to the product(s) they are interested in.

In CK5 we have an unlimited scope to describe the products.  Each product is its own Content Object and we can store any number of images, videos, and documents ( specifications, manuals, brochures) against each.


To maximise the exposure of your products you need a web site that creates a unique page for each product. CK5 does exactly that, as each product has its own Content Object, there will naturally be a page for that product with SEO Key words and content so GOOGLE will index these for use in the Search Engine.


We need to ensure that the customer can find all your products so you need to be in control of your own navigation hierarchy. With CK5 you are free to create as many hierarchies as you need and have as many levels and sub levels within those hierarchies. Then by assigning your products to the different leaves of the structure you control how your catalogue is presented.





CK5 has a section in the Management Tool specifically designed to manage the Product Catalogue features. Within this the editor can add new products, publish and unpublish and most importantly place the product in the index structure.















A standard feature of CK5 is the Featured Product list. This is a special area for promoting specific products in other areas around the web site.

Using CK5's Standard Dynamic Content feature, the editor can also manage a related product area. Here we can display other products that relate in some way to a selected product, so you might want to display alternative products or complementary products.


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