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CK5 is a system which allows you to manage your on-line presence.  Many people call it a Content Management system, but it is much more than that.


CK5 provides a wide range of options and depending on the type of company, the features you want in your web site and the role you want to take in the management of the environment, CK5 can be tailored to your specific requirements.


So CK5 is a large complex enviroment attracting a large monthly fee.. 

       No,     as all the features are managed through a menu system, we can set up your system today to allow you access to the features you require today and the price reflects the features you use.  The great thing is that if/when you want more features we can generally turn them on immediately without any migrations or delay.



  • Web Development Tool.    As a developer, you have the ability to construct web pages and define the areas that are to be dynamically populated, how the output is to be presented, numbers of articles in list etc. 
  • Content Management Tool. CK5 was originally built for a news magazine, so the emphasis is on allowing editors to create content. The user interface is easy to use and specifically limits the user from changing page style. 
  • Email Management.  CK5 provides a simple to use integrated Email Management tool. Using the content already in the database, you can create emails and send to your email listed users.
  • User Management.   CK5 allows you to build your email lists, either manually through the admin tool or through self registration pages.  Having got your users, the system allows you/them to categorise them into groups ( Client, Suppliers, Employees etc ) so that the Email system can use these to identify the appropriate recipients.
  • Blogging and Forums. CK5 allows you to flag content as allowing comment.When flagged the system provides options to read comments and to add/ reply as required. Included here are options for moderation.
  • Product Catalogue. CK5 has a sophisticated system of Categorisation of content. The Product Catalogue is a specific application of this.   

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